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0 Degrees of Fire: Entering the Fire

0 Degrees:  Time Paused .....Entering the Other World

APL- Philippines in Long Beach Port

Belly of the Whale and its Dimensions

The ship ported in Long Beach California on December, 26th.  It was out to sea for 38 days.  I was invited to stay on the ship with Jypsy for two nights and they were going back out on the third day.  Another 42 days out.  The same route Oakland, California to China and back again.

My journey to see the Jypsy was a strange mixture of beauty and everydayness.  I traveled through the western desert in winter.  Rain, dry air and light was a storm of beauty.  The rainbow was not one of storybooks and unicorns.  It was a display of nature on a high.  I saw violet and orange clearly.  At one point I thought I would get into an accident because of the brightness.

I do not know if this was anything, but it felt like an omen.  The rainbow stayed with me for more than an hour.  Sometimes pieces, sometimes a full one across the sky and one time two rainbows appeared.  Now you can pay attention to the flow of energy as you travel.  You can pay attention to nature as you travel and how things seem to flow.  The flow was a constant gravity pulling me calmly to the center.  Everything was in sync for my meeting.  He had an hour for lunch and I was there perfectly on time.  The directions were clear and I did not get lost.  I have not been to Long Beach since I was a kid, so I was a little bit worried.  Sometimes we only notice the bad flow, such as car issues, getting lost, traffic jams, being late and or other unforeseeable situations.  But I want to notice the good things also.  It sets a tone for the meeting.

Engine Room APL Philippines 

I was escorted by Jypsy onto the mammoth vessel and could not help the overwhelming presence of such a ship.  It is a little city unto itself.  There are monsters and bellys deep on this floating caravan.  Monsters lurk in the bright modern day offices and disguise of mortal men.  Men who have become so empty, unhealthy and dumb that there ego rages in every direction like a Hydra.  They become large with inauthentic life.  They eat in excess.  They let the toxic material of our modern world snuff out the natural light that would shine if they were healthy, exercising and spirited men. On this ship the monster is ever ranging, seemingly quiet and calm, yet plotting its next chaotic scheme.  Or is simply unconscious of anything that he is doing.  These are both dangerous.  The hero can be aware and even slay the ego-head.   You cut off one head and two more pop up-just as chaotic and venomous as the last one.  The pettiness is insurmountable.  You can only do your best.  Try not to get bit, burned, and or eaten.  It is all very dangerous.  A ship of this size has man-size or larger machinery.  It will swallow you and or your limb if strange jobs are requested.  If the chief does not allow proper rest and constantly frustrates his engineers it become a serious situation.

Carlos Castaneda speaks of this fortunate fate.  The problem is that in our modern scientific existence we do not have any identifications or understandings of the petty tyrants, monsters, hydras, ego-raging maniacs or warrior path.  All are unknown to us.  We are fools bumbling around each other.  Jypsy is not a fool, but never had any training to be a warrior.  He is a very aware, intelligent, caring and conscientious individual.  He wants to do a good job, and works tirelessly on a vessel that has been neglected.  It is run by a tyrant...at least the chief engineer is a out-of-control-unhealthy-monster in the first degree.  If the hero, Jypsy, stays with this mundane existence and just sees everything as is, with no hidden lessons, trials and or understanding of these freaks that cross our path, then he becomes lost and or so discouraged that he cannot survive and or slay the monsters.

This scenario is not just about this ship and this hero, it rings a bell in all of our lives.  We can be as scientific and evidenced based as we want, but it does not change the nature of our psyche and unconscious.  If we ignore our own possibilities, potential, and short-comings by living in a scientific world then we will be lost.  And lately lost means people ignoring nature and consuming entirely too much.  We we become radical consumers we inflict this way of existence on everything we do.  It becomes our mythology, our psyche doesn't understand anything unless if fits into this worldview.  Therefore if we are not buying a three bedroom house, working 9-5, having 3.4 kids and going to church every Sunday, we do not exist, or we are failures.  So the stories from Greek times and all of the ancient cultures were not about just the simple story, it goes much deeper.  The Greeks told stories of human potential and the psychological aspects of human life.  The hydra, Hades, Medusa and all of these myths are signposts to all the human energies.  Somehow we must bridge the gap between our modern individual, the hero, and the world.  

Jypsy is a good monk to beauty.  It is not the surface kind of beauty, but he has an intuition of quality.  Every time I have been around him, he is like a door way to something beautiful.  It it can be landscape, buildings, choices in what he pays attention to and more.  I don't know how to explain it.  After I see him something lingers that has quality.  Getting by is not enough.  Attention to details, but not so much as to be a slave to them.  

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