Monday, December 24, 2012

36 Degrees of Fire: Existential Not- Mystic Fire

36 Days out of 42-38

If life is how we create it, the existential part of the equation is that there is no absolute truth that we can verify.  It all comes down to subjective creations. 

Yet I am only there part-time.  The problem with existential life is that they close themselves off to the mystery, the paranormal, the synchronicities of the universe.  I believe we do create it...yet we are so much more than scientific explanation of chemical reactions walking around.  It is not better to never of been born.  

After all that mumbo jumbo...the point here is that if we are making it up on a certain level..that is myth-makers, symbolists, priests, saints and all the above.  I mean I believe in Jesus, Buddha, Moses...all the big boys...all the Shamans have something going on.  

So therefore...why can I not make up my own symbols, myths and then experience the mystic side of life.  The only reason I am making up my own that our post modern scientific worldview has no symbols, rituals and myths to help us from one stage of life to another. They measured it all out of existence.  I am so devoted to mythology and the heroic journey for this reason.   If I don't find anything exciting, if I don't create meaning- tattoo myself up on significant occasions or will I ever take this life and the misery- so in this whole line of I go....and now you know why.  

Longitude and Lattitude is sexy and erotic...traveling on a water world through space at a break neck speed...circling a black hole....I mean it is pretty exciting!!!!  If a sailor summons me from a satellite phone in the middle of nowhere...I am going to breath it in!  I am going to consult Death!!! Oh yeah I said it!!!  If I am not dead I am going for the-more-than -alive thing!!!  Life is short- and we did this on that it would be taken as a quality time...don't waste it....adventure it...go deep in...and live it as if it is some obscure dream that you have control of.  

Saturday, December 22, 2012

34 Degrees of Fire: A Flame in the Pacific

This is the Palmyra Atoll, about 1000 miles southwest of 
Honolulu.  It shows the beauty that is in the Pacific Ocean.  

34 Days out of 42....ETA Dec. 26th- 38 days out at sea.....

All is well, more than well.  

How many girls get a satellite phone call from the middle of the Pacific Ocean from someone she is dating .  And people wonder why one would fall for a sailor.  I guess it is the wide pure(its own still-even thought man has corrupted a lot of it, it has not been conquered) ocean, the vast space that is water that seduces.  I think our understanding of water is so shallow.  I some how have this strange obsession with a moving body that is so deep and alive.  It is different than land.  Maybe it is the movement, the living beings that roam inside, the depth, the water cycle that is essential to life, the storms, the rogue waves, the movement, the movement and its own life giving way.  

Then there are those who choose to work on it.  I mean it is a regular job to work on a ship, but there is a type of agreement, a sort of surrender to such a dynamic body.  Maybe it is one of the only places where man has not totally corrupted it, and so the mystery still lives there.  I know we have fished it dry and polluted it beyond recognition.  Maybe it is the deep Pacific that cannot be built on ever because it is just too powerful and wicked.  I am glad that it is.  And so when a sailor calls me from the middle of such a mysterious place...I feel enchanted.  He might be the closest I will ever come to being there and being ok with it.  A sailor doesn't think twice about such a silly call from a ship.  This is also enchanting.  Maybe some where in my timeline (not just this existence) I was a sailor, a devotee of the sea and all of its mystery and woes.  The memory seems to move like a undercurrent, a warm water moving through the cold icy depths.  

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

31 Degrees of Fire: A Fast Ship

 31 days out of 42

 Bliss = a fast ship, when 42 days becomes 38!!!

 APL Philippines Update

Last Position Received

Area: Japan
Latitude / Longitude: 34.8632° / 140.2178° (Map)
Speed/Course 7.8 knots / 0˚
Last Known Port: YOKOHAMA
Info Received: 5d 9h 58min ago (AIS Source: 116)
Not Currently in Range
Itineraries History

Voyage Related Info (Last Received)

Draught: 11.6 m
Destination: SAN PEDRO
ETA: 2012-12-26 06:30
Info Received: 2012-12-16 02:46 (4d, 4h 16min ago)

The Hero's Return- Crossing the Return Threshold Plus

  1. The Crossing of the Return Threshold
    The trick in returning is to retain the wisdom gained on the quest, to integrate that wisdom into a human life, and then maybe figure out how to share the wisdom with the rest of the world. This is usually extremely difficult.
  2. Master of the Two Worlds
    In myth, this step is usually represented by a transcendental hero like Jesus or Buddha. For a human hero, it may mean achieving a balance between the material and spiritual. The person has become comfortable and competent in both the inner and outer worlds.
  3. Freedom to Live
    Mastery leads to freedom from the fear of death, which in turn is the freedom to live. This is sometimes referred to as living in the moment, neither anticipating the future nor regretting the past.   
 Joseph Campbell, A Hero with A Thousand Faces

The human hero struggles with these last stages of the journey.  We often can go out and get the job done, but when we return how do we live?  Do we even have the ceremony or pathway for the excellent deed doer.  The modern warrior does not return from Iraq or the Middle East with more wisdom, only the feeling to go back to battle. 

The Jypsy does know himself enough to say "hey when I am in ship mode, it can be hard transitioning, back into the world of people".  The honesty is a good place to start after you return from a harsh journey.  The Jypsy is often so focused on action that relaxing, calming oneself down so that he can enjoy all the rewards of such hard work, is not always easy.  Such extreme behaviors is hard to carry.  That is being on a ship, highly masculine environment, with no communication with family, friends and lovers.  Then on top of this you are in action mode for 35 plus days. 

The Boon, the wisdom, being atoned completely with yourself are the elements of the hero's return.  Essentially the purpose of all journeys is evolution of the individual as a dynamic being.  We are all on a path of discovery.  If you look closely you will notice the magic, the wise ones and the monsters all are present in your own journey.  We have a map that can help us attain some inner peace, but our scientific lifestyle is not the only element to our existence.  There are symbols and strange synchronicities that permeate our lives.  We are myth- makers which means we are designed to make up fictional pathways that mirror the human existence.  They are metaphors for the energies that exist in life.  These energies are the forces of nature, our own collective unconscious and potentials. 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

30.5 Degrees of Fire: A Strange Fire Ignited

30 Days of Lunar Measure

The Gypsy left one day after Waxing Half Moon in Aquarius,

The 19th of November, 2012

The 19th of December is the Waxing Half Moon in Pisces... Tomorrow will be 31 days
from half moon to half moon.  + 11 = 42

While I allow all that is to be, without attaching results or expectations, I have to say I feel like I have lived lifetimes within these 30 days.  A tumultuous time exist now.  Sometimes I feel I live on the sea, riding the high waves and then the doldrums set in.  I want to offer gratitude for my muse.  There is a monumental imagination within me.  I think sometimes it is a muse unto itself.  So for the real human muses and my imaginary maybe more Greek-like invisibles,  I thank you. 

I have been wanting to write about the synchronicity that just keeps aching to be known within my life.  I might be considered crazy like those religious fanatics out there that actually believe that the Virgin birth was an actual scientific event.  My grandfather, passed on Dec 7th, 2012, my birthday.  How it went down was amazing, but that is not the point here.  I don't understand my affection for water, but he was probably the most amazing man I have ever known.  He was a sailor, but raised by the water, and a Pisces.   We were very close.  He was in WWII out on a giant steel vessel.  He was only a baker.  I just can't help but wonder about my obsession with water, sailors, ships and the such.  Some would say I was a fool about my pondering. 

I have a new view of Odyssey and Odysseus.  The warrior who returns after the brutal war.  My grandfather was blown off a ship, on fire.  A kamikaze hit his flat top.  When he returned to America my grandmother was a mixture of Penelope and Calypso.  For my grandfather did not have the luxury of having a witch-beauty-lover to help him recover from such violence and loss.  So my grandfather's sailing days ended.  He became a land locked father and husband.  When a hero becomes intimate with death out at sea something shifts and the journey must be finished.  The hero must return to a place of refuge or be lost forever.  

My grandmother and grandfathers stories are equivalent to the story of Homer for the Greeks.  I have been told of my grandfathers adventure out at sea and in port.  He met my grandmother on leave in Boston.  It was a two day meeting, and a whole life was built with me being conceived by some dimension of it.  I was like my grandfather's fifth child.  How much is a child influenced by love, and all the dimensions of it?  I am still trying to figure it out.  The stories, adventures and journeys that seduced me as a child have never left.  Half of those adventures and journeys I was in the middle of, as my grandfather's sidekick. If he was Peter Pan then I was Tinker Bell, ever faithful flight prone sprite.  Thus my obsession with it seems ordinary now, maybe. 

Is it a coincidence that some friend of mine is out unreachable exactly as my grandfather was for his mother and soon-to-be-wife for years?  I have to endure 42 days....3 days on land...and another 42.  It is strange at least, I think. 

The mystery continues to haunt and inspire with its own agenda. 

30 Degrees of Fire: A Muse Summons

30 days of 42 out at sea

Sing in me, Muse, and through me tell the story
of that man skilled in all ways of contending,
the wanderer, harried for years on end,
after he plundered the stronghold
on the proud height of Troy.
He saw the townlands
and learned the minds of many distant men,
and weathered many bitter nights and days
in his deep heart at sea, while he fought only
to save his life, to bring his shipmates home.
                            Homer, The Odyssey

Unfortunately we have no Troy, no great battle with
Epic ships and heroic men with their swords and shields. 
We do have warm bodies with broken hearts
And sailors who travel upon steel ships
Invisible journeys around the world and back
Again.  No epic poem written for their heart ache
And small duties that keep the vessel moving at a
Break-neck speed. 
We do have real men with depth behind their land
locked eyes. 
Does the sea rise and fall behind a
simple façade. 
Their emotion is like the sea,
We can never know the true depth,
We can only dive in, learn to swim
Hold our breath,
and hope the memory of breathing
Water becomes a desire again

The gods, witches and underworld
Wait for him, wanting to tear him to pieces
Monsters and strange spells cast their nets upon the wanderer
He does not hear Athena whispering in his ear…she has been lost for
So long. 
The epic hero exists, but is invisible
To the untrained eye. 

The sailors, every-dayers, hidden heroes are all epic
With hearts reaching for a charmed life lost
Let a muse summons you into
Their lair of fire
Let the world melt into
Your own creative wandering
You have a sacred compass within
Just listen.

Kori 12/17/12 

According to Greek mythology, Zeus' and Mnemosyne's nine daughters were called Muses whose one being in heart, spirit and thought was dedicated to the arts, Taught by Apollo, they inspired creativity and imagination in artists. 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

24 Degrees of Fire: The Best Way to Burn

24 degrees of fire is my favorite kind of burning…
my first lover had 24 degrees of heat
…and these degrees of heat tattooed me mysteriously…
I am hoping my loving has evolved to flames that rise 
to touch some part of heaven
My favorite degrees….the reverse of 42. 
My 42nd  year in this time and space  I met a sailor

One sailor leaves and another enters
coincidence laughs for 
 one was born not
Long before the other passed on 

the lone gypsy barely resists
 his mistress the China Sea
An exotic scent  caresses his lips
 and the massive water caravan hides 
him deep within 

Do I require a true sailor in my life?  
 One who travels upon a
 steel monster that tempts the fates
And the hero in the belly,
 lost, gone and missing for so long

What web am  I entangled in?
Am I caught by water, by a wanderer
By an adventuresome soul?
it has been endless seduction 
of either the sensual task of sailing
either on a far away sea
or the sea of ideas
for not all travelers are ocean bound
some travel high and wide with their 
thoughts and heart

Far West vs. Far East
 An Endless circle
A divine round dance
More mystery than reason
If we are here
We are all gypsy sailors
Obsessed with time and space
Traveling upon oceans of existence.  

kori 12/12/12

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

22 Degrees of Fire: 1/2 Way Home

22 Degrees of Fire: The Journey Home

Last Stages of the Initiation...and then the Return

Apotheosis: A hero's apotheosis is achieved when he comes to a realization about the purpose of life and himself. With an expanded consciousness, he views the world in an entirely different way than when he first started his journey. Usually, the hero at this point becomes a selfless person who always cares for others before himself.

The mystery must be kept alive by your own opening of possibility.  To view life like a Greek who had Mt. Olympus is the only way I can exist.  I will seek and make my own way through a world that is wonderous.  You must realize that the gods were metaphors for the mysteries of life.   

Now we live in the postmodern world.  This is the anti-Greek world of demigods.  We don't even have an Odysseus to give us hope.  I have had heroes in my life because I choose to see those little mysteries, the intense feelings of doing the right thing, and those whose adventure outweigh their submitting to the status quo.  Jypsy in all of his woes and faults sails on a massive ship, takes responsibility for his work, and is gone for 3 to 4 months. 

The last part of the initiation stage is when the dragon is slayed and the treasure is attained.   Jypsy has reached his destination, faced the giant machinery and now will return.  His journey may not seem epic like Luke Skywalker, but it is still significant psychological and meaningful journey.  Most people don't know that they face their own shadows in the careers or people they choose to interact with.  The more unconscious our being is, the more we face our dark side in strange things during the day.  Then most people wonder why their life is so hard or not pleasing.  The more aware one is of his personality and unconscious tendencies the more they will understand when someone strikes their chords. 

Jypsy was thrown into the deep end of the pool.  I am pondering about his state of mind and feeling right now.  He is in the Far East on the ship either feeling semi-relaxed or not.  The Belly of the Whale is no longer the nemesis.  He has become familiar with the workings of this engine room.  The return should be easier than the separation.  Yet obstacles can still present themselves.  A good warrior never becomes too confident about his situation.  He becomes a master at reading and staying alert for those little signs and warnings. 

 Crossing the Return Threshold:
At last, the hero returns to home turf, where they are safe from further pursuit or woes.
Crossing of the threshold may not be an easy task as one last challenge may face the hero. This may range from one last fight with a foe thought vanquished.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

20 Degrees of Fire: Destination

20 days of 42: Arrival to Destination

Shanghai Port


Last Position Received

Area: China Sea
Latitude / Longitude: 31.2553° / 121.9496° (Map)
Speed/Course 8.8 knots / 282˚
Currently in Port: SHANGHAI
Info Received: 0d 0h 0min ago (AIS Source: 830)
 Current Vessel's Track
Wind: 12 knots, 348°, 5°C
Itineraries History

Voyage Related Info (Last Received)

Draught: 9.2 m
Destination: CN CJK SHA
ETA: 2012-12-09 18:00
Info Received: 2012-12-09 18:10 (0d, 3h 10min ago)

Friday, December 7, 2012

18 Degrees of Fire: The Quest to the Far East


17 Degrees of Fire: The Quest to the Far East 

 Fire/Jypsy in the far East....

 APL - Philippines - The mysterious location???  

6 Days ago they left Japan. 

Destination: China

Last Position Received

Area: Japan
Latitude / Longitude: 34.9068° / 139.6103° (Map)
Speed/Course 18.9 knots / 206˚
Last Known Port: YOKOHAMA
Info Received: 5d 22h 8min ago (AIS Source: 505)

Why is this is this so interesting to me?? 
Am I a closet-sailor who has never sailed the high seas?  
It must be the blue planet that so enamours me...
sometimes I feel like a foreigner ....I mean a real one from another 
planet and the ocean, vessels, sailors, whales, moon, mermaids 
are so enticing, so seductive I can hardly stand it....

Is there a mental illness where you are addicted and or obsessed 
with water, ocean, salt....

I have a secret...when Jypsy and  I were hanging out...I noticed he put a lot of 
salt on first I thought it was over the top...but now I think 
I understand....if you are a creature of the temporarily being human 
because your true nature is to breath salt might always be needing it or wanting it.  

I am totally convinced that salt water is magic...first regular spring water is amazing on so many levels 
but then there is salt water....and it surrounds us and sustains us....

18 Degrees of Fire: The 7th Day of December Flame

17 Degrees of Fire: The 7th Day of December Flame  

17 days of 42 

What fire was I born from?  
What degree does love burn?  

What fire was igniting in the 

souls that conceived me?  

they stoked their own fire within

they were beauty
life had not burned them yet

What fire was I born from 

there have been a million 
births and deaths
ash, embers and flame
a constant rhythm of 

What fire shall I need from now on?

I do not even recognize the my 
flame of youth it has been ashes for so long

now only a slow ember that is stable, 
sustaining, intense and loving

  the serpent ever hidden
is waking 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

16/17 Degrees of Fire: The Alchemist

 16/17 Degrees of Fire: the Alchemist

When did I become a mad achemist?
I have never been to a physics class,
But I know the formula of celestial bodies
In motion. 
The weight x gravity x space = perfection
I am sure I am not the only self-made physicist
 Who Twists and manipulates the experiment
Scientific method is child’s play when
I go to the lab and try to re-create
The condition of a time/space event
The enigmatic opposites collide
All of the sudden weight is the
Holy ground upon which I live,
Drink, believe, eat. 
obsessed with the scale, and I try to calculate
Each length, gram of flesh/spirit that
Takes up space. 
Except my specimen is
A gypsy out far away. 

I am mad with waiting…

My lab is a sad excuse for Life and mystery
But I will spend each tiny second scouring
The mathematical equations that consist of his weight. 
Do the numbers and formulas really match the true weight of a person?
Was it just the weight above me, the movement that ignited something lost.

Certain vibrations entering another vibration, a frequency shifted
Tainted by the opposite
Was there a chemical reaction?
Ah yes an explosion of time-past, present and future
Mutually arising
Einstein would have been proud
Relativity discovered for the millionth time

What elements were involved?
Water, iron, Earth, hydrogen, a plethora
Of substances that seep into our seemingly
Physical barrier, yet I feel the sand, water, night
Stars all on my skin, for I drank them in.
An aftermath of reaction
The taste of his energy is on my tongue.
Where did I write down the numbers?
The calculations of sparks, of fire.  How can I write when I am burning? 
 All chemists shiver with cold even
Though they surround themselves with fire. 

my arrogance is dangerous
I think I can do physics, chemistry and biology. 
Biology is secret side obsession.
Blood flows, fluids and the essence of each specimen
Calls me ever deeper into my madness .  I am an
Old alchemist, mad trying to light my own blood on fire,
I know it was on fire not long ago. 
The formula of his soul 
weight x space x depth is
Written on my lips. 

Wildly , I use myself in
The experiment
Exploding after a certain combination of movement,
Why does weight show up in every
There is not enough mathematical
Calculations to measure the
Fire, the weight, the gravity,
The god, the love, the light,
The ash,
mystery is a mad scientist
Weight x space, 
the molecules
That travel between us are
Different than the molecules
That vibrate inside

Time x space x illusion x subatomic particles = wickedness
Has any scientist ever tried to dissect time and annihilate it forever? 
Where is a warrior when you need one? 
An army of them do not understand that it is just another man made illusion.  Sometimes
Scientists are like animals running in their own circular cage. 
My lab is a grotto
Where time stops
Weight and gravity
Are my consorts,
And one body is god
I am the space, in which the god
Is known
Receive all the hunting,
all the weight,
the force
the emotion released
Because I am made for it
My DNA was constructed by
Some divine physicist, some grand
Experiment of opposites
I am a physicist seeking the weight of god
Weight x gravity x bodies x movement x illusion x perfect imperfection = love/life/fire

Kori 12/5/12