Monday, December 24, 2012

36 Degrees of Fire: Existential Not- Mystic Fire

36 Days out of 42-38

If life is how we create it, the existential part of the equation is that there is no absolute truth that we can verify.  It all comes down to subjective creations. 

Yet I am only there part-time.  The problem with existential life is that they close themselves off to the mystery, the paranormal, the synchronicities of the universe.  I believe we do create it...yet we are so much more than scientific explanation of chemical reactions walking around.  It is not better to never of been born.  

After all that mumbo jumbo...the point here is that if we are making it up on a certain level..that is myth-makers, symbolists, priests, saints and all the above.  I mean I believe in Jesus, Buddha, Moses...all the big boys...all the Shamans have something going on.  

So therefore...why can I not make up my own symbols, myths and then experience the mystic side of life.  The only reason I am making up my own that our post modern scientific worldview has no symbols, rituals and myths to help us from one stage of life to another. They measured it all out of existence.  I am so devoted to mythology and the heroic journey for this reason.   If I don't find anything exciting, if I don't create meaning- tattoo myself up on significant occasions or will I ever take this life and the misery- so in this whole line of I go....and now you know why.  

Longitude and Lattitude is sexy and erotic...traveling on a water world through space at a break neck speed...circling a black hole....I mean it is pretty exciting!!!!  If a sailor summons me from a satellite phone in the middle of nowhere...I am going to breath it in!  I am going to consult Death!!! Oh yeah I said it!!!  If I am not dead I am going for the-more-than -alive thing!!!  Life is short- and we did this on that it would be taken as a quality time...don't waste it....adventure it...go deep in...and live it as if it is some obscure dream that you have control of.  

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