Saturday, December 22, 2012

34 Degrees of Fire: A Flame in the Pacific

This is the Palmyra Atoll, about 1000 miles southwest of 
Honolulu.  It shows the beauty that is in the Pacific Ocean.  

34 Days out of 42....ETA Dec. 26th- 38 days out at sea.....

All is well, more than well.  

How many girls get a satellite phone call from the middle of the Pacific Ocean from someone she is dating .  And people wonder why one would fall for a sailor.  I guess it is the wide pure(its own still-even thought man has corrupted a lot of it, it has not been conquered) ocean, the vast space that is water that seduces.  I think our understanding of water is so shallow.  I some how have this strange obsession with a moving body that is so deep and alive.  It is different than land.  Maybe it is the movement, the living beings that roam inside, the depth, the water cycle that is essential to life, the storms, the rogue waves, the movement, the movement and its own life giving way.  

Then there are those who choose to work on it.  I mean it is a regular job to work on a ship, but there is a type of agreement, a sort of surrender to such a dynamic body.  Maybe it is one of the only places where man has not totally corrupted it, and so the mystery still lives there.  I know we have fished it dry and polluted it beyond recognition.  Maybe it is the deep Pacific that cannot be built on ever because it is just too powerful and wicked.  I am glad that it is.  And so when a sailor calls me from the middle of such a mysterious place...I feel enchanted.  He might be the closest I will ever come to being there and being ok with it.  A sailor doesn't think twice about such a silly call from a ship.  This is also enchanting.  Maybe some where in my timeline (not just this existence) I was a sailor, a devotee of the sea and all of its mystery and woes.  The memory seems to move like a undercurrent, a warm water moving through the cold icy depths.  

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