This Blog is written with the intention of measuring 42 days in which someone important to me is working out at sea. He travels from Oakland, California to China and it takes 42 days.  On the surface it appears that he is a marine engineer.  This is how the world views him.  I on the other hand recognize this persona, but I also see other parts to this man.  While he is out on the vast ocean far away from me, I shall be inspired by all the degrees in which he influences me.  I will also include unconscious feelings, imprints and other musings of my own wanderer archetype.  In the end, we are all mirrors to each other.  

I am a water element underneath the fire appearance. I have been surround by water archetypes my entire life...my grandfather was in the Navy in WWII.  My uncles are river guides, captains, as is my brother.  My mother is a Scorpio, I am a Scorpio Moon.  You may think this does not matter, but in the big picture is seems to be a intimate connection with all these elements.  This evolution of life, seems to accentuate these tendencies.   

Ultimately he will be killing himself in a very intense task.  It is not far from the warriors or sailors in the past.  The unbelievable fact of this situation is that he is on a giant ship without e-mail or any sort of serious communication.  His job exhausts him, and to use his phone from Korea or China is not as easy as it would seem in this day in age.  I understand the working class mentality of not using ones personal phone to communicate.  I am not sure why an American cargo company is not providing e-mail for its employees.  It seems odd.  Then again the worker in American is losing it's value as we speak.  

This is a creative endeavor.  Two aspects of time.  The time out at sea and the time on land, until the hero of this saga returns.  I always strive to find the artful-beauty connection that exists in our souls.  I do not believe in just keeping things factual, but strive to use my imagination and my muse is worthy of such writing.  

It is also an exercise in Zen.  Being in the now, rather than focusing on the future.  I am without someone I like.  So I must let go of this attachment so that I may focus on my Now, which does not really include him.  How do I create a balance of it all.  I am not sure.  This feels a little obsessive at moments.  It will depend on how I use this medium, and how attached or creative I get in my approach. 

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