Saturday, November 24, 2012

360 Degrees of Fire: The Human Potential

6th Degree of Fire:  42 Degrees Within the 360 Degrees

The name of this blog is 42 Degrees of Fire.  It has been on my mind that my own evolution may not be more than 42-45 degrees on 360 Degrees of Fire.  If 360 Degrees is the ultimate full circle of life.  But the problem comes in when you think of yourself as a three dimensional being.  Then things become more complex.  You are vertical and horizontal.  I would say we only show 42 degrees of our fire.  We are a full 360 degrees of three dimensions of potential.  Do we go the 360 degrees?  Do we know our 360 degrees intimately?  I do not know.  If someone ask me randomly do you pursue all of your 360 degrees of Fire...what would I say?  I only show 42 degrees of my fire.  Maybe?  

One place I feel my 360 degrees is when I am on the tennis court.  I have think, fight, be healthy, strong, in shape, skill beyond anything ever encountered before, and  exhibit my will.  I am so much on the court.  I am my highest potential.  Sometimes in the classroom I hit 180 degrees.  When I am in a relationship with someone that I have known for 43 years, I feel the 300 degrees of fire.  Sometimes you are lucky and meet old friends and they bring out a good 80 to 120 degrees of fire in the first meeting.  It is mysterious and wonderful.  

The Jypsy has a wide potential.  The hero of 42 degrees of Fire is a Marine Engineer, a Back Country Skier, a sailor on small intimate sailboats, a surfer, hunter, builder,  plays the guitar, mountain biker, explorer, son, brother and once a husband.  All these archetypes are avenues for us to fulfill our highest potential.  I am not sure which one will deliver us to our enlightenment.  This enlightenment is different for each of us.  Some of us have our purpose so well written that it is spelled out perfectly.  Some of us on the outskirts live with massive possibilities but never pursue them.  A sort of gypsy myself, I understand the degrees in which inspiration comes.  It is not easy to choose one path thoroughly.  I am not sure if we are suppose to pick only one.  

In the end our 360 degrees of passion should be explored.  We are so much more than we appear to be.  In the end we should not limit ourselves to the flat 360 degrees of a drawn circle.  Remember than you are a sphere that includes mathematical equations that Einstein would be jealous of.  We have Pi and many calculus equations that are happening in the now.  Our DNA is a massive amount of unknown potential.  Presently, it is said, that we only use 3 % of our DNA.  That means 97 % of our potential is unknown.  This is the mystery that still lives.  

So if we say that we show and perform only at 42 % of our potential which is 360 degrees of vertical horizontal, mystery, energy and intentions all within one sphere that is our mind, body and soul then we have a lot of work to do.  The space that exists within a sphere is not empty.  If you imagine the body of Da Vinci in is famous drawing of man, with a circle around it, then you understand that we are complex three dimensional wonders.  

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