Sunday, November 18, 2012

42 Flames and The Summons

The Summons of 42 Flames- The Quest to Burn.
The Here and Now of it.  All I know is how I feel in these in this sense...I write from the heart, not knowing how the story will is the journey, expressing ourselves, making each moment as pure as possible.  If I died tomorrow you would know exactly how I feel today....and the future???? It is unwritten, unknown and a mystery....this is a practice of letting go of all that is beautiful in the now.  I have written, therefore it is gone...I am not attached to it!!  (Ha I'd like to think this and practice this....but it is not so easily done-this is my imperfect practice!!!)

I wish I was burned to ashes in each moment...and born from the pure a phoenix...yet so many parts attach...the errors, the beauty....

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