Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Sea, Gypsy and 42 Degrees

I fear me this-is Loneliness- 
The Maker of the soul 
Its Caverns and its Corridors 
Illuminate-or seal- 

                                  -Emily Dickinson, 318

Pre-Degrees of Facts

The Jypsy is leaving tomorrow, or a day after.  For 42 days he will travel from California to China and back , porting in Japan and Korea along the way.  He is the first Engineer on a massive cargo ship that transports containers.  I am enamored by his intensity in this endeavor.  I did not really know or understand that modern American sailors travel long distances cut off from loved ones and the general world that is consuming the rest of us day in and day out.  

Since I am well studied in the stories and psychology of the hero's is hard for me not to examine closely this journey he is about to take.  We often think the modern world does not allow for the classical hero's path.  The kind that requires a separation, initiation and return.  

He separates from the consuming culture and plunges himself into the unknown.  This is literally true because he does not know the ship, crew and thus will self initiate himself in the first seven days of the journey.  He has no luxury of a ceremony or celebration on either side of his quest.  The quiet solitude of one man's energy rising against the machine.  This is the only truth.  

1 Degree of fire-passion-imagination musings

42 levels of leaving, 42 stages of letting go(a healthy dose of individual time-happy with myself moments-rather than obsessing about our situation) , 42 days of burning, keeping the fire lit.  

42 embers that burn quietly
in the vast space between us. 

42 nights of erotic desire paused like 
the best romance-adventure-mystery movie 
ever made.  

I have assured my muse that I have a good imagination.  

He has passed one threshold.  He has entered my Dream Time.  This is no small affair, as my dreams are equal to my waking. If we could only meet there within the 42 days.  Something to strive for. 

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