Monday, November 26, 2012

8 Degrees of Fire: Wind and Wave

 8th Degree of Fire

8th day of 42

Wind and Wave

I feel the waves pound
Upon the vessel
Out in the deepest sea

I feel the rolling waves
Move to their own agenda
Living in their own time

The east water
Traveling through wicked
slices through nature
A tired sword
An exhausted hero
lost he

Banishes himself
Throws himself
Upon metal and steel
It screams his name

He searches for a soft
Natural body but
There is only the empty
Whisper of
rhythmic wandering

He makes love to her absently
She is only a mistress
for her true
Love is a wave
 rising and falling
Nature laughs
Man is only a witness
 To Beauty

When will the tide turn?
So that metal and steel
are only a faint memory
When will I be the wind
And you the wave of fire
 igniting all of eternity  
            with divine desire.

              Kori 2012 

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