Tuesday, December 11, 2012

22 Degrees of Fire: 1/2 Way Home

22 Degrees of Fire: The Journey Home 


Last Stages of the Initiation...and then the Return

Apotheosis: A hero's apotheosis is achieved when he comes to a realization about the purpose of life and himself. With an expanded consciousness, he views the world in an entirely different way than when he first started his journey. Usually, the hero at this point becomes a selfless person who always cares for others before himself.

The mystery must be kept alive by your own opening of possibility.  To view life like a Greek who had Mt. Olympus is the only way I can exist.  I will seek and make my own way through a world that is wonderous.  You must realize that the gods were metaphors for the mysteries of life.   

Now we live in the postmodern world.  This is the anti-Greek world of demigods.  We don't even have an Odysseus to give us hope.  I have had heroes in my life because I choose to see those little mysteries, the intense feelings of doing the right thing, and those whose adventure outweigh their submitting to the status quo.  Jypsy in all of his woes and faults sails on a massive ship, takes responsibility for his work, and is gone for 3 to 4 months. 

The last part of the initiation stage is when the dragon is slayed and the treasure is attained.   Jypsy has reached his destination, faced the giant machinery and now will return.  His journey may not seem epic like Luke Skywalker, but it is still significant psychological and meaningful journey.  Most people don't know that they face their own shadows in the careers or people they choose to interact with.  The more unconscious our being is, the more we face our dark side in strange things during the day.  Then most people wonder why their life is so hard or not pleasing.  The more aware one is of his personality and unconscious tendencies the more they will understand when someone strikes their chords. 

Jypsy was thrown into the deep end of the pool.  I am pondering about his state of mind and feeling right now.  He is in the Far East on the ship either feeling semi-relaxed or not.  The Belly of the Whale is no longer the nemesis.  He has become familiar with the workings of this engine room.  The return should be easier than the separation.  Yet obstacles can still present themselves.  A good warrior never becomes too confident about his situation.  He becomes a master at reading and staying alert for those little signs and warnings. 

 Crossing the Return Threshold:
At last, the hero returns to home turf, where they are safe from further pursuit or woes.
Crossing of the threshold may not be an easy task as one last challenge may face the hero. This may range from one last fight with a foe thought vanquished.


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