Wednesday, December 12, 2012

24 Degrees of Fire: The Best Way to Burn

24 degrees of fire is my favorite kind of burning…
my first lover had 24 degrees of heat
…and these degrees of heat tattooed me mysteriously…
I am hoping my loving has evolved to flames that rise 
to touch some part of heaven
My favorite degrees….the reverse of 42. 
My 42nd  year in this time and space  I met a sailor

One sailor leaves and another enters
coincidence laughs for 
 one was born not
Long before the other passed on 

the lone gypsy barely resists
 his mistress the China Sea
An exotic scent  caresses his lips
 and the massive water caravan hides 
him deep within 

Do I require a true sailor in my life?  
 One who travels upon a
 steel monster that tempts the fates
And the hero in the belly,
 lost, gone and missing for so long

What web am  I entangled in?
Am I caught by water, by a wanderer
By an adventuresome soul?
it has been endless seduction 
of either the sensual task of sailing
either on a far away sea
or the sea of ideas
for not all travelers are ocean bound
some travel high and wide with their 
thoughts and heart

Far West vs. Far East
 An Endless circle
A divine round dance
More mystery than reason
If we are here
We are all gypsy sailors
Obsessed with time and space
Traveling upon oceans of existence.  

kori 12/12/12

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