Thursday, December 6, 2012

16/17 Degrees of Fire: The Alchemist

 16/17 Degrees of Fire: the Alchemist

When did I become a mad achemist?
I have never been to a physics class,
But I know the formula of celestial bodies
In motion. 
The weight x gravity x space = perfection
I am sure I am not the only self-made physicist
 Who Twists and manipulates the experiment
Scientific method is child’s play when
I go to the lab and try to re-create
The condition of a time/space event
The enigmatic opposites collide
All of the sudden weight is the
Holy ground upon which I live,
Drink, believe, eat. 
obsessed with the scale, and I try to calculate
Each length, gram of flesh/spirit that
Takes up space. 
Except my specimen is
A gypsy out far away. 

I am mad with waiting…

My lab is a sad excuse for Life and mystery
But I will spend each tiny second scouring
The mathematical equations that consist of his weight. 
Do the numbers and formulas really match the true weight of a person?
Was it just the weight above me, the movement that ignited something lost.

Certain vibrations entering another vibration, a frequency shifted
Tainted by the opposite
Was there a chemical reaction?
Ah yes an explosion of time-past, present and future
Mutually arising
Einstein would have been proud
Relativity discovered for the millionth time

What elements were involved?
Water, iron, Earth, hydrogen, a plethora
Of substances that seep into our seemingly
Physical barrier, yet I feel the sand, water, night
Stars all on my skin, for I drank them in.
An aftermath of reaction
The taste of his energy is on my tongue.
Where did I write down the numbers?
The calculations of sparks, of fire.  How can I write when I am burning? 
 All chemists shiver with cold even
Though they surround themselves with fire. 

my arrogance is dangerous
I think I can do physics, chemistry and biology. 
Biology is secret side obsession.
Blood flows, fluids and the essence of each specimen
Calls me ever deeper into my madness .  I am an
Old alchemist, mad trying to light my own blood on fire,
I know it was on fire not long ago. 
The formula of his soul 
weight x space x depth is
Written on my lips. 

Wildly , I use myself in
The experiment
Exploding after a certain combination of movement,
Why does weight show up in every
There is not enough mathematical
Calculations to measure the
Fire, the weight, the gravity,
The god, the love, the light,
The ash,
mystery is a mad scientist
Weight x space, 
the molecules
That travel between us are
Different than the molecules
That vibrate inside

Time x space x illusion x subatomic particles = wickedness
Has any scientist ever tried to dissect time and annihilate it forever? 
Where is a warrior when you need one? 
An army of them do not understand that it is just another man made illusion.  Sometimes
Scientists are like animals running in their own circular cage. 
My lab is a grotto
Where time stops
Weight and gravity
Are my consorts,
And one body is god
I am the space, in which the god
Is known
Receive all the hunting,
all the weight,
the force
the emotion released
Because I am made for it
My DNA was constructed by
Some divine physicist, some grand
Experiment of opposites
I am a physicist seeking the weight of god
Weight x gravity x bodies x movement x illusion x perfect imperfection = love/life/fire

Kori 12/5/12

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