Friday, December 7, 2012

18 Degrees of Fire: The Quest to the Far East


17 Degrees of Fire: The Quest to the Far East 

 Fire/Jypsy in the far East....

 APL - Philippines - The mysterious location???  

6 Days ago they left Japan. 

Destination: China

Last Position Received

Area: Japan
Latitude / Longitude: 34.9068° / 139.6103° (Map)
Speed/Course 18.9 knots / 206˚
Last Known Port: YOKOHAMA
Info Received: 5d 22h 8min ago (AIS Source: 505)

Why is this is this so interesting to me?? 
Am I a closet-sailor who has never sailed the high seas?  
It must be the blue planet that so enamours me...
sometimes I feel like a foreigner ....I mean a real one from another 
planet and the ocean, vessels, sailors, whales, moon, mermaids 
are so enticing, so seductive I can hardly stand it....

Is there a mental illness where you are addicted and or obsessed 
with water, ocean, salt....

I have a secret...when Jypsy and  I were hanging out...I noticed he put a lot of 
salt on first I thought it was over the top...but now I think 
I understand....if you are a creature of the temporarily being human 
because your true nature is to breath salt might always be needing it or wanting it.  

I am totally convinced that salt water is magic...first regular spring water is amazing on so many levels 
but then there is salt water....and it surrounds us and sustains us....

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